Dream Polish Gem Glow Cuticle Oil review

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A while back I came across Dream Polish on instagram when they were having a sale so I took the plunge to try out some of their products. 

The Manicure Basics Gift Set consists of (a) Gem Glam Top Coat, 15ml (b) Smooth Gem Base Coat, 15ml (c) Gem Glow Cuticle Oil roll on, 10ml. This gift set is available in numerous scents, and what I have is Clovers + Dirt, a limited edition scent that is described as slightly floral, very green and ozone like scent with rich, fragrant garden soil.

Compared to OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil (the only cuticle oil that I own), I prefer Dream Polish's Gem Glow as it soaks in much quicker. I can always see a difference in how hydrated my cuticles are right after applying a small amount. Since it is non-greasy and only takes a few seconds to soak in, I can slather it on whenever I like, even when I'm typing away on the keyboard! 

Although there is no worldwide shipping option available on their online store, I sent in an inquiry via the contact form. Dream Polish was quick to reply with the shipping cost and then I was invoiced via paypal. So yes, I'm happy with their products as well as the great customer service! 

Check out Dream Polish over HERE.