Dream Polish Gem Glow Cuticle Oil review

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A while back I came across Dream Polish on instagram when they were having a sale so I took the plunge to try out some of their products. 

The Manicure Basics Gift Set consists of (a) Gem Glam Top Coat, 15ml (b) Smooth Gem Base Coat, 15ml (c) Gem Glow Cuticle Oil roll on, 10ml. This gift set is available in numerous scents, and what I have is Clovers + Dirt, a limited edition scent that is described as slightly floral, very green and ozone like scent with rich, fragrant garden soil.

Compared to OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil (the only cuticle oil that I own), I prefer Dream Polish's Gem Glow as it soaks in much quicker. I can always see a difference in how hydrated my cuticles are right after applying a small amount. Since it is non-greasy and only takes a few seconds to soak in, I can slather it on whenever I like, even when I'm typing away on the keyboard! 

Although there is no worldwide shipping option available on their online store, I sent in an inquiry via the contact form. Dream Polish was quick to reply with the shipping cost and then I was invoiced via paypal. So yes, I'm happy with their products as well as the great customer service! 

Check out Dream Polish over HERE.

Glam Polish Mystify swatch & review

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Mystify is one of my very first Glams and boy was I impressed. Released from the White Witch collection aka Cast A Spell Part III, Mystify is a chartreuse yellow with holographic glitters in various sizes.

Despite the glitters, application was smooth and easy. I used three coats here. Mystify dries to a slight textured finish but one coat of Pretty Serious Cosmetics Crystal Coat took care of it.

Indirect natural light.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (blue version) swatch & review

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There are two versions OPI Gargantuan Green Grape- one leans toward light mint green, another is more of a pale blue. The bottle that I have here is the pale blue version, which I personally prefer, having seen both versions in real life.

I've had this polish for more than a year, so its formula has thicken over time. This viscosity is perfect for me as it's less sheer, less watery, and less streaky. Application was effortless. Shown here is three coats sans topcoat.

Indoor, natural light.

Green White Striped Mani

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Here's a mani that I wore a while back. I did this mani back in May for 30 Days of Colour Challenge but somehow I just didn't get around to post it. I'm a lost cause when it comes to time management :o

For this mani, I used Darling Diva Polish's The Witching Hour (two coats), KBShimmer Eyes Wide Open (1 coat), and straight nail vinyls from Nail Vinyls.