Orange Neon: Comparison Post

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Orange is my favourite shade to wear. Orange + neon? JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

Index: Lilypad Lacquer Orange Sundae
Middle: Pipe Dream Polish 110 Degrees
Ring: Orly Ablaze
Pinkie: Color Club Lava Lamp

-OS is a tangerine orange, while the rest lean toward coral.
-110D and Ablaze are the closest, with Ablaze being a touch redder.
-Compared to 110D and Ablaze, LL is more orange-toned.
-Both 110D and Ablaze have golden shimmers, though the shimmers in 110D are smaller and more hidden.
-OS and 110D dry matte while LL dries to a satin finish. Ablaze has a crelly like formula that dries shiny.

Indoor natural light. Two coats each. No base coat and top coat.