Enchanted Polish The Youth swatch & review

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Not too long ago I ordered a couple Enchanted Polish from Mei Mei Signatures. The first one I want to show you is The Youth, a duochrome holo that shifts primarily between green and silver. Under the sun, I can see the bronze at some extreme angle too! The formula was a little thick, but still very easy to work with. Though I did two thin coats here, it's possible to get away with one thick coat.

To spice things up, I used a few snowflake images from BPS Stamping Plate QA57 and stamped my mani with OPI Alpine Snow. While I didn't give much thought to the color combo beforehand, I feel that you can't go wrong with white. When in doubts, stamp with white! :D

Direct sunlight. This is two thin coats of The Youth over OPI Nail Envy. I sealed my mani with OPI Top Coat.

Look at the holo goodness..!

Indirect sunlight.