Orange Neon: Comparison Post

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Orange is my favourite shade to wear. Orange + neon? JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

Index: Lilypad Lacquer Orange Sundae
Middle: Pipe Dream Polish 110 Degrees
Ring: Orly Ablaze
Pinkie: Color Club Lava Lamp

-OS is a tangerine orange, while the rest lean toward coral.
-110D and Ablaze are the closest, with Ablaze being a touch redder.
-Compared to 110D and Ablaze, LL is more orange-toned.
-Both 110D and Ablaze have golden shimmers, though the shimmers in 110D are smaller and more hidden.
-OS and 110D dry matte while LL dries to a satin finish. Ablaze has a crelly like formula that dries shiny.

Indoor natural light. Two coats each. No base coat and top coat.

Enchanted Polish January 2015 swatch & review

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Enchanted Polish January 2015 is an amazing dark purple linear holo with lots of purple/gold flakie shimmers. Purple may not be my colour, but a linear holo with such complexity and depth? I'm sold!

Its formula was similar to EP Dark Fantasy - very thick and distributing it on nail can be difficult. January 2015 was an one coater but I did two coats since the first coat wasn't quite even. It didn't dry with high gloss, but I could definitely live with that.

January 2015 seems like it could be a dupe of ILNP Black Orchid. But if my memory serves me right, Black Orchid is more red-toned (wine color) while January 2015 is a true purple.

Direct sunlight.  Two coats over OPI Nail Envy, sans top coat. Look at the holo-y goodness!

Elevation Polish Weddell Sea swatch & review

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I'm a big fan of white mani - it's fresh, chic and edgy. There's only one white polish in my stash, OPI Alpine Snow which is a stark white creme. For the longest time I've been looking for a perfect off white polish that has something extra in it. Cue Elevation Polish Weddell Sea, a grey-leaning white with sparse holo and white, silver shimmers.

The formula was very interesting, not in a good way - it was chalky, think mixing powder in water. It was difficult for me to distribute the polish evenly on my nails, and the thin round brush that I'm not fond of made the application harder. First coat was extremely patchy; the second coat took care most of it by giving full opacity but it wasn't quite even.

Since it didn't dry glossy, I decided to put on top coat which helped level it out and bring out the shimmers. I was well on my way to put Weddell Sea in blog sale but the top coat breathed life into it and changed my mind. Despite the tricky formula/application, the outcome [with top coat] was gorgeous.

Indirect sunlight. Two coats over OPI Nail Envy. My mani was sealed with OPI Top Coat.

OPI Snow Globetrotter swatch & review

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Since I'm currently in a buy-all-glitters-polishes phase now, here's the first glitter mani on this blog, OPI Snow Globetrotter. Released from the OPI Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani collection, Snow Globetrotter has multi-sized white and iridescent hex glitters in a clear base. I've been in a wonderful mood lately, so I decided to go for a happy mani and layer it over my favourite yellow, OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana.

Application was easy and I found the formula of the clear base similar to that of OPI Top Coat. However, the glitters were sparsely distributed on the nail and I ended up using two coats of Snow Globetrotter. The large white glitters required some fishing too. One layer of top coat smoothed everything out.

Layering order:
-1 coat OPI Nail Envy
-2 coats OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana
-2 coats OPI Snow Globetrotter
-1 coat OPI Top Coat

Direct sunlight.

Artificial light. The glitters can be seen clearer here.

Valentine's Day: Striping Tape Mani

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A quick post!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE (because saying it once isn't enough :P) this pink and gold combo. I've been experimenting with some easy nail arts recently, and I must say.. Mentality Coach goes well with *everything*. Seriously. I think I need a back up bottle.

Layering order:
1x OPI Nail Envy
1x Pipe Dream Polish On The List
2x Mentality Coach
1x OPI Top Coat

Artificial light.

I bought both of these polishes from Edgy Polish.

Enchanted Polish The Youth swatch & review

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Not too long ago I ordered a couple Enchanted Polish from Mei Mei Signatures. The first one I want to show you is The Youth, a duochrome holo that shifts primarily between green and silver. Under the sun, I can see the bronze at some extreme angle too! The formula was a little thick, but still very easy to work with. Though I did two thin coats here, it's possible to get away with one thick coat.

To spice things up, I used a few snowflake images from BPS Stamping Plate QA57 and stamped my mani with OPI Alpine Snow. While I didn't give much thought to the color combo beforehand, I feel that you can't go wrong with white. When in doubts, stamp with white! :D

Direct sunlight. This is two thin coats of The Youth over OPI Nail Envy. I sealed my mani with OPI Top Coat.

Look at the holo goodness..!

Indirect sunlight.