A England St George swatch & review

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A England St George has got to be my most worn polish. If I recall correctly, I've worn it 5 times since I purchased it back in July 2014.

What is it that makes me keep reaching out for this bottle? To begin with, St George is a saturated teal that leans slightly blue. The color is stunningly rich, and wearing it makes me feel...posh. Really, there isn't another word to describe it. Though St George's scattered holo is modest, it's good enough to make things interesting, even in shade. Buttery smooth formula that provides full coverage in just one coat if you use a generous amount. It should be noted that a thick coat often result in bubbling. So unless I'm in a rush ie going to sleep/shower soon, I prefer to do two thin coats instead. The drying time is pretty decent too. Slight staining upon removal, but I would say it is expected since the color is so saturated.

Sunlight. This is one coat without base coat.

What's your go-to polish?