SV by Sparkly Vernis Periwinkle Sprinkles swatch and review

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Periwinkle Sprinkles from SV by Sparkly Vernis is what I would imagine Elsa from Frozen wearing. Described as a light blue holo with blue shimmer, it is a concoction perfectly crafted from ice. I tend to stay away from pastel/periwinkle shades like this, but Periwinkle Sprinkles captured my heart with its complexity. The blue shimmer is so sparkly and when the light hits the polish at a certain angle, there's a flash of light purple. Like other polishes in the Frosted Sweets collection, it dries matte. This matte finish provides an ethereal feel that resembles the icy blue atmosphere confected by snow-lit hills, frozen lakes and ice-covered paths. Truly stunning.

The formula was excellent; I had no issues with application. Two coats gave me full coverage.  Swatches were taken on the second day of the mani with minimal tip wear. I was impressed by the wear time since my nails don't usually last long due to frequent hand washing. All swatches show two coats over OPI Start-to-Finish in direct sunlight.

This polish was a beast to capture. It appears periwinkle purple-ish in my photos but in real life, it's definitely light blue!

My ring finger and pinkie in the following pic are closer to how Periwinkle Sprinkles looks like in real life.

Blurry but it's most color accurate.


I found the formulas of Mint Frosting, Blurple Ice Cubes and Periwinkle Sprinkles to be very good. They were the perfect two coaters - went on smoothly and evenly, and were all completely self-leveling. The brushes were a dream to work with - they distributed the polish evenly and fanned out nicely to make achieving a clean line effortless. Excellent drying time, too. No staining upon removal.

All of them dried to a matte, slight metallic finish that give a wintry appearance. Of the three, Periwinkle Sprinkles and Blurple Ice Cubes have the strongest holo flames that aren't afraid to come out to play even in dim indoor light. I loved all of them but if I were to pick one favourite, it would be Periwinkle Sprinkles. It's soft without being sugary sweet. Besides, the bright, sparkly appearance given by the blue shimmer and matte finish is simply to die for.

Bonus pic! This was taken in artificial light without flash. Two coats each.

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The Frosted Sweets collection from SV by Sparkly Vernis is now available at their store. To stay up-to-date on their news, you may like/follow SV by Sparkly Vernis on instagram and Facebook.

Products were sent for my honest review.