Pipe Dream Polish On The List swatch and review

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Ever since I first saw swatches of Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas cremes on instagram, I've been dying to get my hands on them. When I went over to their online shop only to find out that they don't ship international, I'm pretty sure I screamed internally while doing the grabby hands. Fast forward to last week, deity of nail polish finally heard my prayer because Edgy Polish was doing a restock of this collection! Naturally, I scored 4 that I wanted to try the most.

This is Pipe Dream Polish On The List, a neon pink that dries semi matte. The formula couldn't be more perfect - smooth like butter and had great consistency - it practically applied itself. On The List dried fast too, which isn't uncommon with semi matte/matte. Despite not being a fan of anything pink, I'm in love with this! 

Direct sunlight. I wore two coats (sans topcoat) over OPI Nail Envy.

You can see the shy golden shimmers in this swatch.

Indirect sunlight, indoor.