Enchanted Polish Holiday 2014 swatch & review

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EP Holiday 2014 is a blackened olive green linear holo with red/green duochrome shift. Word on the street is that Holiday 2014 is similar to another EP called Engineered to Destroy which happens to be a huge lemming of mine, only with a different base color. Since I don't own EtD (nor I ever will due to the steep price on ebay and storenvy), I'm happy to have this.

Like August 2014, it dries to a glass like finish that I absolutely adore. This polish looks unexciting indoor but when the holo comes alive under sunlight, it's magical. No issues with application at all. No staining upon removal. However, I'm still not a fan of EP's thin round brush since it makes it difficult for me to get a clean line.

Taken in direct sunlight with my Galaxy S4 as per usual. Yay because the sun was out!

Artificial light without flash. Swatches below were taken with Sony Nex 3. I'm experimenting with this camera hoping for pics with better quality. It picks up all the imperfections ie dry cuticles, hangnails, dents etc and I might or might not be too lazy to photoshop...