My 2014 Roudup

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Ever since I got addicted to nail polishes earlier this year, I've bought and tried quite a number of polishes and brands. It's impossible for me to pick a favourite, so here's my wrap up post for the brands/polishes that stood out to me the most since I got sucked into the polish world.

You're The One For Me Award - Darling Diva Polish (DDP)
From the great colours, intense holo rainbows, perfect formula, wide flat brushes (their brushes are hands down my favourite. EVER.), incredible drying time, availability (always in store due to quick restock) to their reasonable price, DDP is everything I've ever wanted.
Shown is DDP Cast A Spell. Original post here.

It's Not You, It's Me / Most Underwhelming Award - I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)
It pains me to say but 3 out of 5 ILNP polishes that I bought are, in my honest opinion, bland. They look amazing in the online swatches but on my nails, they just fall flat. Sure, the colours are nice but they don't wow or excite me at all. Their brushes and formula are okay - nothing terrible but they're not remarkable either. I'm not sure if I'll be purchasing from them again, but never say never!
Shown is ILNP Black Orchid. Original post here.

I Need A Backup For My Backup Award - Nightbird from Darling Diva Polish
I've worn Nightbird three times since I got it in September. Quite a feat, seeing that I only wear most of my polishes once as I'm currently trying to go through my stash. One of my all time favourites.
 Original post here.

Joint I Need A Backup For My Backup Award - Mint Frosting from SV by Sparkly Vernis
A stunning, sneaky polish that's right up my alley. I can see myself reaching for it very often.
Original post here.

Love It Or Hate It; I Can't Stay Away From You Award - Enchanted Polish (EP)
EP's restock = madness. They make awesome polishes but scoring a bottle of EP is a pain because they often sell out within a minute. I actually have to stay up to 4am to order the monthly mysteries. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying them because the harder they are to get, the more I want them. *hides*
Shown is EP August 2014. Original post here.

Best Neon Award - Lemon Sundae from Lilypad Lacquer
I've bought several neons but Lemon Sundae has got to be my favourite. This highlighter yellow is bright and loud. An instant mood lifter for me.
Original post here.

Best OPI / Wasn't Expecting To Love It So Much Award - The Sky's My Limit
This polish is described as the perfect mermaid shade by many bloggers (at least the ones that I follow). I was on the fence but once I had it on my nails, I fell hard for it.
Original post here.