Different Dimension Just Keep Swimming Swatch & Review

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DIFFERENT Dimension's Just Keep Swimming is a vibrant blue holo with a super strong green flash that is visible even in indoor lighting.

The formula couldn't be more perfect- it wasn't too thin or runny and applied easily on the nails without any balding or streaking. I could've gotten away with one thick coat but I did two thin coats without base coat. There was slight staining upon removal so I learnt my lesson- never skip base coat!

There are two things that I must mention - the quick dry time and the brush. DIFFERENT Dimension uses a flat brush, much like OPI's Pro Wide Brush but not as wide. Personally, I love flat brushes like these because with steady hands, they require zero clean up!

Swatches below are two coats without base coat.

Artificial lighting without flash. This is how the polish looks like most of the time. IMO the green flash adds to the depth of this polish and makes it stand out from the other blue holos out there. So pretty!

 Artificial lighting with flash to show off the holo.