Enchanted Polish August 2014 Swatch and Review

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The only thing that I'm going to say about Enchanted Polish August 2014 is that, YOU NEED TO GET IT.

This is my first enchanted and I finally understand why people put up with the fuss with this brand. The packaging is absolutely professional and fancy, which is always a big plus. And the moment I applied this polish, I was in awe of it. The formula and application was amazing as August 2014 practically applied itself.

August 2014 is a duochrome/multichrome polish with a jelly-like formula. It shifts between teal, blue, and at a certain angle, purple. I used two coats over OPI Natural Base Coat.

Enchanted Polish is very hard (almost next to impossible) to get, so I'm really glad that Chelsea is doing preorder for monthly mysteries.