Halloween Nail

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After seeing all those pretty Halloween nails on instagram, I decided to give it a try. Though top coat smudged it a little, I'd say my first attempt at nail art turned out better than expected :3

On my accent nail, I used OPI Can't Afjord Not To and A England Lady of Shalott. I was craving for some delicious holo goodness, so I applied Darling Diva Nightbird on the rest of my nails. OPI Start-to-finish Base Coat and OPI Clear Top Coat were used.

Direct sunlight.


Credit: cutepolish

If you're interested, here's her video tutorial on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GgWk1dTRU8

Smitten Polish Electric Lime swatch and review

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For the two past days I've been wearing Smitten Polish's Electric Lime. It's a neon lime-green holo, with a golden flash and strong blue holo arc. This polish might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it! It's such an unusual colour, definitely an eye-catcher.

Electric Lime has a sheer formula, but it did build up nicely after three coats. Application was easy. I used three coats over one coat of OPI Natural Base Coat.

Direct sunlight.

Indoor lighting.

Darling Diva Nightbird swatch and review

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Darling Diva's Nightbird is one of the most beautiful polishes I've ever seen.

Like the other Darling Diva polishes that I've tried earlier, the formula of Nightbird is amazing. It went on smoothly and two easy coats gave full coverage. And I've noticed that Darling Diva has incredible dry time, which is a huge plus for me since I tend to put on nail polish before bedtime.

Nightbird over one coat of OPI Natural Base Coat.


Darling Diva The Witching Hour Swatch and Review

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The Witching Hour is a teal holo from the WitchEE collection. The holo is insane. You'd think that I took these picture in direct sunlight, but guess what, I didn't! Seriously. The holo is that *intense*!

This polish was a beast to capture, but I think my swatches are fairly accurate. I used two coats of The Witching Hour over one layer of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat.

Excuse the horrible cuticle please.

Darling Diva Polish Cast A Spell Swatch and Review

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My nail mail from Darling Diva Polish arrived the other day and I immediately tried this polish out.

Cast A Spell is an pumpkin orange holo released from the WitchEE collection. The formula was impressive as it practically applied itself! Dry time was decent. It covered nicely in two coats.

Cast A Spell over one coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. All swatches are in direct sunlight.

Pahlish Sunless Sea Swatches

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This is my first and only Pahlish polish and boy was I impressed. Been wearing too much bold colours lately, so I decided to wear this polish as palate cleanser.

The formula was on the thin side but extremely creamy. I used 4 thin coats to reach full opacity. As always, OPI Natural Base Coat was applied as base. Such a calming colour. I'll definitely reach for this polish again in the future.

Direct sunlight.